It's an Honor to meet you.

Thank you for contacting us and requesting information. We are honored you took the time to consider us to take part in such an important event. Lets take a look at what you can expect if you do select us! 

Quince 2021 - Updated Jan 2 2021

How we Roll

When looking for a photographer that will service your event, it is essential to book ahead of time in order to lock in your day and for us to make sure you get full priority. 

If the following information seems right to you and meets your needs, we recommend booking at least 2 months before your event. Once booked, your day is magically reserved just for you at the specific rate guaranteed.

We will also offer you a free complimentary mini photoshoot session where you can take a chance to see how we work and operate! Call us a week or two before your desired day to schedule you one! 

The Big Picture

A quince is a big event, and we are up to the task. This is what we will cover: (Keep in mind that we can do even more, it doesn't just have to be what is listed) 

  • Preparations (Make up, Dressing, Morning Routine)

  • Religious Celebrations (On site or Different location)

  • Individual Portraits with Chambelanes, Damas, Madrinas, etc.

  • Venue Set up/Layout

  • Party, Dinner, Guests

  • Mother/Father Dances, Surprise Dances, Waltz

  • Other Ceremonies

  • Night Lights (Dancing, Cake cutting)

How will your Images look?

All your images have editing included. No Need to pay extra, its our job. All portraits will get FaceTune if needed, landscapes and scenes properly edited to match our artistic standards. This editing process can take 3-5 Weeks to be completed. 

Once edited and completed, we will upload your entire selection to a Premium Digital album where you can download, share and view your amazing images. Printing is available at an extra cost. 


We believe photography shouldn't be priced like a car. Our best form of payment is you booking us! Here is your general quote:


6 Hour Flat Rate: $ 160.00

After 6hr mark:    $   15.00 /hr

    *Travel times don't count towards the hours, we aren't working!



Full Editing (FaceTune, Enhancing) 

Premium Album 

All Day onsite assistance

Complementary Mini test Photoshoot 

Express Editing (3-4 Weeks)

You pay once your images have been delivered, that way we can guarantee your images will be top notch! Acceptable in all forms of payments. 

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us for further clarification. We want you to feel at the center of the universe. 

Joel Rodriguez - Founder : 209 416 5184

Email : agustinjoelstudios@gmail.com

Website : www.axjstudios.com

Instagram : @axj.studios

Once you are ready to book, we can schedule a meeting to confirm any details and forms.

Hope this helped, thank you again for considering us.